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As I build stuff you will see it. This isn't my professional stuff, so don't expect too much. This is just the BS stuff that I do for fun. I give credit where credit is due. So if I don't acknowledge someone, they probably don't deserve it. If I offend anyone then you need to grow a thicker skin. There is stuff on your local news that makes my stuff look tame. If you don't get the joke, you weren't there. Otherwise enjoy!

Launched a another online webcomic (already launched the outer circle) and its called Dueling Analogs. Its a gaming comic and updates every Tuesday and Thursday. Make sure to check it out.

Dueling Analogs :: a webcomic by me (Launched 11.17.05)

I found a couple older pictures lying around on my computer that I made, so it thought I;d put them up here for anyone who wants to see them to see...

First off is a picture that was originally a flooded room to show Mr. Boom Boom laying in a giant puddle of blood. He loves sleeping that way.
Mister Boom Boom (64k - Created 07.17.03 )

Next is a picture that I have no idea what it means, but it made me laugh and I added, what I think is, the appropriate captioning.
Fatty Gayness (84k - Created 04.15.04 )

Lastly, one of my coworkers Jim Dough ranked everyone in our department by oddness, I created a photoshop of the top 3.
1st Annual RWS Odd Awards (64k - Created 04.21.05 )

So, today was Bring your kids to work day and I got the honor of showing the kids how to us flash. Well we had about an hour and this is what we made!

Spongebob and the Jelly Fish (101k - Created 06.24.05 )

I watched my nephew today and with his direction and some existing artwork we created the following cartoon. The mind of a 9 year old is a weird place.

Attack of the Toliets (148.7k - Created 04.03.05 )

Created the "width = poop" shirt and you can now buy it at The Ink Store. Its for the web developers out there that just had enough.

width = poop shirt (Added 03.30.05)

I got a lot of traffic to the outer circle when I mentioned the Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch MP3 I threw together. I thought I would put it up here as well for other people to enjoy. If Burger King or Darius Rucker is reading this and I am breaking a copyright law, let me know. I will take it down. Not trying to start trouble, just trying to share Burger King and Hootie joy with the world.

Burger King: Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch MP3 (943.5k)

My online comic the outer circle launched today. Visit it when you get a chance. Its still in its infancy, but I am hoping it does well and is well received.

the outer circle :: a webcomic by me (Launched 03.07.05)

I ran a search online earlier and found this photoshop that I did for FARK a while ago.

FARK: Photoshop these BBC Test Cards. (2003-10-30)
Original (24.3k)

FARKed (76.7k) I added children and thier master.

L33t speak. If you know what it is then just skip to the second link, otherwise click the first link. I would go into details here, but the article goes into it pretty well. Just to let you know the converter falls somewhere between medium 1337 and hard |_337.

BBC - h2g2 - An Explanation of l33t Speak
l33t Speak Converter v1.0...(2.4k - Created 12.05.04)

Inside joke at work, but then again aren't most of them. Harry Moore has the nickname Hambone. Why? I dunno, maybe a drunk redneck knows. Regardless I created the following image from a google search for a hambone. Enjoy.

Hambone for that sad, leathery feeling...(41.2k - Created 12.21.04)

It's been a while since I have posted anything here. Well Friday I created a small flash animation about a drawing on one of our white boards at work. The picture is of a girl with horrible hair saying that she likes cheese. Well, I decided to create a flash animation that used her. It's simple, but its something new. I might make a series of them, but only time will tell.

Cheese Girl Goes to the Movies (48.6k - Created 10.15.04)

I think everyone with enough common sense, to realize that who will win the election in November is more important than which celebrity is dating which celebrity this week, need to stop by The Patriot Project. What is The Patriot Project? The Patriot Project is a place to discuss current events with colleagues, no matter the political philosophy or ideology. This is America, and this is OUR country (I copied that from the site, but it is true). Its a good site and worth checking out.

The Patriot Project (Launched 05.10.04)

I showed my nephew, Jacob, how I layout the Bored and Evil comics. He wanted a make his own, so I helped him to create one. Here it is:

Jacob's Bored and Evil Comic (40.7k - Created 06.18.04 )

One of my closest friends', Robert Koch a.k.a Peekaboo, online comic launched today. The comic is called Bored and Evil. Here's the first and one of the few places that you'll find out that I also work on this strip. I handle the web site, strip layout and I'm the tracer too. The Ink Spot is my area, but Peek deserves to get credit on his site. Give the strip a chance. Read it for a couple of weeks. If you don't like it by then, no hard feelings...but I think you'll enjoy it.

Bored and Evil (Created by Robert Koch - Launched 06.07.04)

I found an image from Acclaim's Legends of Wrestling: Showdown on my computer. How did it get there don't know. But I decided to take the image of Dusty Rhodes and photoshop him out and add Jim "Tater" Dough to the image instead.

Tater (39.8k - Created 05.25.04)


Wooooo! (12.6k - Created 05.22.04)

Adult Attention-Deficit Disorder or Adult ADD is no laughing matter. If you've ever just not felt like doing something, you too might have Adult ADD. I went to the official web site (, of the disorder, to see whether or not I may suffer from this crippling disease. Fortunately for me and millions of other Americans, that might quite possibly suffer from Adult ADD, they have a test on their site to see if you too are a victim. There are six questions to this informative quiz. For those of you that don't fully understand the questions, I'm going to translate them into plain english so that you can find out whether or not you are a victim too.

How often do you have trouble wrapping up the final details of a project, once the challenging parts have been done?
Translation: You ever get tired of doing something when it's no longer fun?

How often do you have difficulty getting things in order when you have to do a task that requires organization?
Translation: Are you disorganized?

How often do you have problems remembering appointments or obligations?
Translation: Have you ever forgot to do something?

When you have a task that requires a lot of thought, how often do you avoid or delay getting started?
Translation: Do you ever feel lazy?

How often do you fidget or squirm with your hands or your feet when you have to sit down for a long time?
Translation: Do you ever get bored?

How often do you feel overly active and compelled to do things, like you were driven by a motor?
Translation: Are you ambitious?

Now I'm not saying that there aren't people out there that are lazy and unmotivated, because there are...a lot of them. I'm just saying that there are people using this "disorder" as a crutch because its easier to blame your laziness on something else rather than take responsibility for your own actions. Oh yeah, funny little side note. recommends Strattera as treatment for this "disorder." Strattera is a prescription drug created by Eli Lilly and Company. Eli Lilly and Company are the same people that own Ironic isn't it.

Do you have Adult ADD? Take the fun online quiz and find out!'s "Who is Lookup" showing that Eli Lilly and Company owns

Well I haven't updated the site in a while and the next big change will be the layout. Soon man soon. I fixed a spelling error that my mom noticed when she visited the site and also made a few minor changes and URL encoded the Hannity link so that it doesn't break the W3C compliancy. So here's something old and something new (I didn't create it.) First the old. This is an icon that I built for Richard when he was dating a girl name Katherine. Well using logic I came up with the nickname of "Kitty Poo Poo" for her and created a Mac OS X icon to celebrate the event. Don't have a Mac? Don't download the icon, won't do you any good.

Kitty Poo Poo Image for Non-Mac Users (5.8k - Created 05.01.04 )
Kitty Poo Poo Mac OS X Icon (15.7k - Created 11.09.03 )

Now the new thing pertains to a web site that one of my coworkers created based on his hobby for technology. Its called Gadget Playhouse and its a good informative site. If your not into technology, check out the different pictures that he uses for the rating system. That alone makes the site worth the visit.

Gadget Playhouse

Richard and I went to Talkfest yesterday (March 18th, 2004.) While there, we met Sean Hannity. I got Amanda's copy of "Deliver Us from Evil : Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism" signed for her and also showed Mr. Hannity a copy of "Is John Kerry the Freeze Miser?." Here's what he had to say about it:

Sean Hannity - "Funny."

Wow. Simple or not, it did make my day an enjoyable one.

Did not create the following program, wish I did, but you should still give it a look. The program I am referring to was created by Morpheses.

      "Morphases is an online next generation software in face manipulation. It allows user to modify and create human faces from different elements in real time with almost an unlimited power. All elements are divided individually and stored into genebank. "

The following is two things. A link to the program so that you can play with it yourself and a copy of an image that I created using the application.

My morphases' creation (18k - Created 03.12.04 )
Morphases - More Faces Creator

There's a lot of animated shorts out there, but very few talk about Pete Decker. Pete Decker is Norfolk Virginia's first citizen. In honor of Pete Decker I created the following short. The quality is real low had only 30 minutes to complete this. Also be patient, this takes a little time to load.

Hi, I'm Pete Decker (135.6k - Created 03.11.04 )

There are people that didn't fully understand the previous John Kerry joke. If you are one of them, tough. Its not my job to educate you. Read a damn newspaper once in a while. But since I am such a nice guy, I created another John Kerry photoshop for you that didn't get the first one.

Behold the power (38.2k - Created 03.04.04 )

I went to the Drudge Report today and there was this image of John Kerry on the main page. It screamed to be photoshopped. Take a look at what I did:

Support John Kerry with Ketchup (61.9k - Created 03.04.04 )

The next piece was created with the idea in mind that certain people can actually take a joke. If they can't, the they might not enjoy the current creation.

Everything you need to know about the RHPS? (21.3k - Created 02.22.04 )

Made the style sheet for this page W3C compliant...actually I created a style sheet and now use it with this page, but it is W3C compliant (check here if you want to see). Also made the code for the site W3C compliant (here's the link to prove that). Think its not a big deal? Check you site and see if its W3C compliant.

Not much in the way of looks for updates, but new site design is coming with more functionality. "Is that it? Is that all you updated?" Yup, but come on. Have all of you really looked all the creations on this page. If you have, then you suggest something for me to create. AND DON'T MAKE IT ABOUT LICE!

The Year Without a Santa Claus is a Rankin/Bass animation from 1974 (check IMDB if you don't believe me.) Well one of my coworkers commented that John Kerry looks like the Freeze Miser. I had to put the images side by side to see. It is really scary how much they look alike. Check the image below to see:

Is John Kerry the Freeze Miser? (66.5k - Created 02.18.04 )

You can now download the Inkspotting Widget for Konfabulator. You do need a Mac OS X compliant machine to use the widget. Don't have a Mac? Visit the Apple Store and buy one. Don't know what Konfabulator is? Visit their web site:

Taxes. There is a lot of information in the news right now about taxes. Bush cut our taxes and Kerry, if elected, wants to repeal those tax cuts. Fortunately, its only for the rich. You have to have a million dollars to be considered rich, right? Well at least a six digit income, right? The top 50% wage earners in the U.S. pay 96% of the taxes. Now, let's see if you fall into the top 50%:

So, are you "Rich?" (50.2k - Created 02.10.04 )

Inkspotting Widget

Updated the logo to the page to match the look for (when its finished). Also created a new widget for Konfabulator that allows you to see when The Ink Spot was last updated. Sorry PC users, but as of the present time Konfabulator is only for Mac. I will place the link to the widget as soon as it is approved on the Konfabulator site.

Normally this is my BS stuff that I create to make my friends and coworkers laugh. Nothing on here is my professional stuff. The following doesn't fall into the professional area, but its not really the latter either. Here's the setup, I'm creating this for a side project. What? Can't really say, but it does have hundreds of sperm swimming around at the same time. Take a look at a movie clip showing why Flash MX 2004 and Final Cut Express make very good bedfellows.

Sperm Test (8.6megs - Created 02.08.04 )

John Kerry won the New Hampshire primary last night. I am so overjoyed I posted a recent picture of the candidate on The Ink Spot.

John Kerry (75.4k - Created 01.28.04 )

My friend Aaron hasn't seen this yet, so rather than send him a link and rob other people of the enjoyment...I'm going to add it to my site. I did not create this. I wish had, its some funny stuff. This was made by the same guy(s) that did the Mario Twins. Well enough of this, enjoy.

The end of the World (3.6megs - Doesn't matter I didn't make it)

Normally I wouldn't post something like this on the site since it may be considered offensive and some of my co-workers visit here. BUT (oooo...bold and italic, Pierre was in rare form tonight) since I am warning you and this site is mine, I feel I can post it. The following was taken from an actual eBay auction. The site was taken down after somewhere about 100,000 visits, but I had the foresight to download the page and the images to have for another time. Look closely at the image of Elmo, you'll see what I am talking about. One last warning before you click (NSFW).

Hokey Pokey Elmo (n/a - Found 1.13.04)

The Christmas season may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with your very own "Tickle Me Paulie." The product voice by Harry Moore is the theoretical amalgam of Paul Minner and Elmo.

Tickle Me Paulie (153k - Created 1.07.04)

I created a little picture of a character named Treebeard from a little movie called Lord of the Rings mixed with Harry Moore. Before you looked at the picture, I don't believe I was on anything when I made it.

Harry "Treebeard" Moore (71.1k - Created 12.30.03)

We decorated our cubicles at work with South Park versions of ourselves. Guess who made them? Me! Why the hell would I post them if I didn't.

18 South Park Characters...sort of (130.7k - Created 12.17.03)

Remember the Homestarrunner main page I created? I sure do. Well they recently added a new main page to their site (its pretty damn funny.) Well they also added a link to this on FARK. Well I felt it was a good idea to exploit this recent change and let some fellow FARKers know about the one I made. Click below to view this thread in question. Comments Thingee (754519)

What if Robbie Harrell wrote a book? Better yet what if I wrote a book for Robbie Harrell? I believe it would be kinda like this.

Robbie Harrell's New Book (74k - Created 12.02.03)

I created balloon versions of Jim Dough and Mike Hensen. Here are some pictures of those items. Also Mike Hensen himself created a little flash movie and sent it here. Check that out too.

Balloon Head Jim (Created 11.03.03)
Balloon Head Mike (Created 11.03.03)
Mike Hensen Balloon Submission (Created pre 11.20.03)

Do you enjoy the inside jokes? Now you can take a piece of The Ink Spot home with you by visiting The InkStore. The InkStore allows you to purchase various jokes found on The Ink Spot, as well as new variations that are guaranteed to resurrected your dead grandmother and have her pissing herself all they way back to the grave.*

The InkStore (Created 11.18.03)

The following is not funny, but helpful. Its a job search tool for and a few other links to other sites to search for jobs in Hampton Roads, VA. I have friends and family that this can help. Hopefully someone gets a use out of it.

Job Search for Hampton Roads (25.3k - Created 11.10.03)

The page counter went up alot this week. Not sure who's visiting the site, but someone is...that's cool.

Here's something I created in September...actually I finished it in September. It was a possible homepage for, they decided not to use it. I got an email back from the Brothers Chap (creators of Homestarrunner and the lot) and they told me they thought it was awesome, but that it just didn't fit with the theme of the site. That's cool. So now that its no longer a secret that I built it, you might as well check it out.
Homestarrunner: The Black Knight (86.6k - Created 9.25.03)

Well today is Halloween and also the cause of a few photoshops.

The is a bobble head Mr. T next to my cube at work. Someone put a Reese's Bites wrapper on its head. I accidentally knocked it off, so when I put it back on I added a little flare.:
Bobble Head T (29.9k - Created 10.31.03)
Reese's T (34.5k - Created 10.31.03)

My co-worker Robbie Harrell dressed up as a pimp today, a.k.a. WebDaddy, and also won the company Halloween costume. Harry Moore, an anal retentive individual, complained that I photoshopped the Mr. T image and not Robbie's, so in my last 20 minutes of work I created the following image to make the Copy Princess happy.:
WebDaddy Robbie (105.1k - Created 10.31.03)

Since I'm putting up old photoshops on the website, I thought that I would put some of my old FARK photoshops up too. Don't know what a FARK photoshop is? Go to FARK and look for this image photoshop . Click the comments sections and enjoy.

First Section (originals and FARKs):

Photoshop these two clowns. (2002-05-07)
Original (55.4k)

FARKed (43k) I added two more clowns.

FARK: Photoshop this pregnant bacon-bearing man with Farker focusyn crying in the background. (2003-08-04)
Original (55.4k)

FARKed (43k) I gave the redneck some steak and added a few friends.

FARK: Yo, photoshop this yo-yo and his yo-yos. (2002-07-31)
Original (94k)

FARKed (85k) I explain the picture on the picture.

FARK: Photoshop this Israeli soldier, no idea what the other guy is doing there. (2002-05-07)
Original (29.4k)

FARKed (26.7k) I made it a painball game and added Richard the Clown.

Second Section (just the FARKs, couldn't get the originals):

It's the president of Taiwan and, well, some kinda flag or somethin' behind him... I think. (2002-07-30)
FARKed (19.4k) My take was NAMBLA's new mascot "The Pickled Penis and Doesn't Know Any Better Lad."

FARK: Photoshop the mailbox pipebomber heading to his arraignment. (2002-05-08)
FARKed (22k) Had no good idea, so I added Richard the Clown to the image.

Tons of fun!!! I was going through some old emails and found a bunch of old photoshops. Some of these are before I started posting photoshops on this page and the others I just never got around to posting.

First off is two Mike Hensen Classics:
Go Army (45k - Created 11.11.02)
Football (22.3k - Created 12.03.02)

Next is a Classic Dave Stiller:
Stillio (64.1k - Created 5.09.03)

Andre Martinez as a chef...I believe this had something to do with cookie cutting:
Dre and Martha (25.3k - Created 3.07.03)

Lastly the phone monkey:
Phone Monkey (40.5k - Created 10.10.02)

All hail the Copy Princess! We have a term at work for the employee that has to upload the files to the servers...The Copy Princess. I photoshopped a picture of what Mr. Moore has to say about this idea.

Copy Princess (10.3k - Created 10.23.03)

One of my coworkers, Jack Nugent, is supposedly a very angry guy...not really. But to keep with the theme of anger I created a game about a lumberjack named Angry Jack that has a similar appearance to my co-worker.

Angry Jack (68.8k - Created 10.16.03)

One of my coworkers, Jim Dough, used to host a public access television show called "The Axl Rotten Show." This was about 11 years ago. He recently copied the episodes (all 13) to dvd. So I decided to make an advertisement for the New Show. Enjoy.

The New Axl Rotten Show (96.4k - Created 10.13.03)

Number one under Google Search.

Go to Google and enter either Winner Bear or Denis Sanchez and will be the number one link. Here try it out:

Google search for Winner Bear
Google search for Denis Sanchez

There's other stuff that if you type it in will load pretty high in the ranking. But these two are number one in the hood G.

I did not create the following, but I found it hard to find constantly active episodes online. It's MashiMaro and its damn funny. It was created by Kim Jae with special thanks to B2in Net. Hope you enjoy it as much as me. I also included the parodies of episodes 2 & 3 done by Kim Young Jin

MashiMaro Stuff(Uploaded 09.19.03)

One of my coworkers, Harry Moore, is really weirded out about Hurricane Isabel and he also believes that everything is a right-wing conspiracy. Here is the happy combination.

Hurricane vs. Hippie(50.5k - Created 09.16.03)

Friend went into the hospital last night. Wanted to send a "Don't Die Card!", searched on google for "hope everything is cool" and found pictures from a miniature gaming thing called Fairy Meat. Spent 30 seconds and created cheesy image.

Poorly Made Fairy Meat Image(60k - Created 08.12.03)

Visit the Google Search that made this all possible

Christian Manzella, one of Reynolds and Reynolds' most knowledgeable employees, left Automark to go to Boat Ventures. So since he's not as readily available to answer questions, I created the Ask The Mystic Head of Christian Manzella Machine. Enjoy.

Ask The Mystic Head of Christian Manzella(80k - Created 07.31.03)

I created this game (modified Tarpman, which I already built, but who gives a damn) in honor of Andre Martinez leaving Automark. The joke is we build cookie cutter templates. Catch the cookie dough or LOSE!!!!

Dre's Cookie Cutter Madness...(60k - Created 03.07.03)

My manager (Denis Sanchez) promotes the idea of the webdevs being "Polite, Professional and Considerate" aka PPC. The idea was promoted so much that I created a hangman game to further the cause.

Denis Sanchez Hangman...(24k - Created 12.20.02)

I just found out what a turducken is today. Do you want to know what a turducken is? If so then click the link below to see the flash movie kicked off of New Grounds.

Turducken...(173k - Created 11.22.02)

I work with Mike Hensen. Mike Hensen is habitually late. His excuses aren't the best, so I created this to help him out.

Mike Libs...(24k - Created 11.12.02)

I created this animation based on a co-workers cubicle. I work next to a chap name Harry Moore and on his file cabinet is a make shift ghetto out of small toys and cardboard boxes. This is its story.

Crack Box Ghetto a.k.a. Crackvilla...(190k - Created 11.05.02)

I work with a guy named Mike Hensen. We hit him in the chest with a rubber mallet.

Leave it to Mikey...(40k - Created 10.25.02)

Hans Gruber from Die Hard, a picture of my work and the idea of a terrorist attack; these and many other factors lead to the creation of a mock movie poster.

Gruber...(40k - Created 09.26.02)

Today at work, one of my co-workers (Dave Stiller) passed a picture of himself around. The following is the original and my photoshopped piece.

Original (Stiller)...(24k - Received 08.20.02)

Photoshopped (Stiller)...(36k - Created 08.20.02)

My friend Peekaboo (aka Robert) left a message on his answering machine which I thought was pretty lame. So I butchered it and made a flash animation. Listen to the message and then watch the movie.

Answering Machine Message (244k - Created 5.19.02)

Jenni, PLEASE!!! (114k - Created 5.19.02)

Alright, there are inside jokes and there are inside jokes. This is one of them. A picture of one of my co-workers (David Stiller) was circulated around work with a word bubble of him singing (singing in the rain.) Then under the same e-mail heading a picture of a monkey with a paintball gun and gear went around. I put them together in the only logical way I could imagine.

STILLER: SINGIN' IN THE RAIN (225k - Created 3.15.02)

Blah is a blah...what did you expect and no its not far I only have episode 2 done. Remember this stuff is done for fun.

Blah Episode 1:Blah (112k - Created 02.11.02)

Blah Episode 2:The Return (144k - Created 02.25.02)

Blah goes to Automark (280k - Created 02.26.02)

I created this animation based on a funny comic that a friend of mine, Peekaboo, made. I personally thought the animation was mediocre, but my wife (fiancee at the time) felt otherwise. So you can now see this hidden treasure (or trash) for the first time. You decide.

How Rob Floyd...(64k - Created 11.24.01)

Sir's a mad cow, literally. Based on the $70.00 stuffed animal created by Richard Kirsch. Now who's mad?

SNAKES!!!! (44k - 
Created 09.02.01/Updated 12.16.01)

The following is a parody of the Master Card ad using my friends stuffed animal Sir Loin. Enjoy.

Priceless (n/a - Created 09.02.01)

This is a BS project that I started and never finished due to time restrictions. The jokes over and I don't plan on finishing the animation, but I think you might enjoy what I have already built.

Automark Episode: III (160k - Created 06.07.01)

This is the second in a series of animations starring Winner Bear. In this one the tables are turned and Winner's true colors are shown.

Hanoi Winner (64k - Created 05.31.01)

I built this Flash animation based on a the idea of one of my coworkers (Harry Moore) that Rainbow Fish (A children's book) is communistic. This Animation stars Winner Bear. Hope you like it.

Winner Bear Likes You (48k - Created 05.30.01)

Created by Steve Napierski ( 2001/2002/2003/2004/2005

*Cannot guarantee that your grandmother is dead, will come back from the grave or that she will not devour your mortal flesh.

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